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We value each and every one of our employees. Successful applicants can look forward to a variety of tasks and areas of activity, excellent career opportunities, a vibrant in-house community and a package of individual benefits.

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Do you want to achieve great things with us and demonstrate your talents while tackling complex construction projects? Or are you looking for a host company for your dual study programme in engineering? In either case: You've come to the right place! You may also be interested to hear that KBC offers a range of attractive employee benefits. To browse our current vacancies and submit your application directly to us in just a few clicks, take a look at our dedicated Careers page.

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Take a look at dedicated Careers page to browse current vacancies and submit your application directly to us in just a few clicks.

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There are many reasons to come and work with us:

Modern working environment, culture of respect and appreciation

We attach great importance to a modern, well-structured working environment. In particular, we believe that a pleasant yet stimulating atmosphere in the workplace contributes to enhanced employee satisfaction and productivity. Friendliness, respect and open, constructive feedback play a key role in this regard, and are the pillars of our corporate culture. New employees can therefore look forward to a positive environment in which they feel both at ease and appreciated.

Tailored onboarding, exciting challenges

We know that proper onboarding is crucial to the successful integration of new employees into our team. Step-by-step, and in keeping with your specific profile, we assist you in getting to grips with a new working environment characterised by fascinating tasks, short decision-making processes and a high degree of autonomy. Our team members are more than just part of our company: They shape and drive its development. We therefore welcome initiative and creative solutions, with all employees given the chance to play their part and make a decisive contribution to our success going forward.

Continuous training and professional development

We encourage our employees to continuously expand their knowledge and skills, and provide the support and resources they require in this area. As such, our company offers you not only a wide range of personalised opportunities for further training, but also the chance to engage in professional development and take your career to the next level. Our commitment to continuous learning and development is a core element of our corporate culture, and enables us to remain innovative and grow together as a team.

The KBC community

Helping employees feel part of our company – and not just a specific office or project team – is one of our key priorities. In particular, we actively give them the chance to gain insights and forge relationships outside of their working bubble, with regular multi-office events providing excellent opportunities to exchange views and experiences with colleagues from a variety of departments and locations. The result is a strong sense of community within the KBC network.

Flexible working hours, work-life balance

Our goal is to create a positive working atmosphere in which everyone feels appreciated and motivated. Flexible working hours can play a vital role in this regard, and we therefore operate a trust-based working time model. The bottom line: We understand our employees’ need for a healthy balance between work and their private life, and are willing to help them strike it in whatever way we can. This can involve granting special leave in some cases.

Tailored benefits

Every member of staff profits from a special, tailored benefit – the icing on the cake, so to speak. To give an example, all full-time, salaried employees can use a KBC company credit card when making purchases in local shops and restaurants. We also offer a bike leasing programme for those who want to make their journey to and from work more healthy and environmentally friendly. You can also invest in your post-work future by opting for a company pension. Other benefits include subsidised travel expenses or day care.


Hier finden Sie häufig aufkommende Fragen zu Kaiser Baucontrol, Bewerbungsprozessen, Karriere, Weiterbildungen und mehr.

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Take a look at dedicated Careers page to browse current vacancies and submit your application directly to us in just a few clicks.

Browse our career portal