Our services are tailored to guarantee the success of your project.

We are on hand to give you the benefit of our experience throughout the life cycle of your real estate assets. Our interdisciplinary approach and outstanding market knowledge combine to ensure that your project remains on the path to success.

Project management

Project management is the driving force behind successful project organisation and realisation. It provides a beacon for all stakeholders and coordinates cooperation between them over the course of the project. When commissioned to deliver project management services, we place uncompromising emphasis on compliance with project goals in terms of costs, scheduling and quality.

Project steering (Projektsteuerung)

You’ve finalised the parameters for your construction project, but need an outside expert to make sure it remains within them? We deliver targeted process management services across all project phases and areas of activity as defined by the AHO. This includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Provision of an objective, bird’s eye view of your project
  • Assistance in the selection of project partners
  • Coordination of interaction and interfaces between project participants
  • Use of modern technologies to ensure smooth progress from kick-off to completion
  • Exploitation of synergies, minimisation of risks, enhancement of efficiency
  • Transparent cost management (as a basis for profitability and quality)
  • Schedule coordination and contract management

Project controlling

The goal of project controlling is to provide a target-performance comparison for a construction project on the effective date. Our project controlling services are used by investors, banks and developers alike, and generally include the following elements:

  • Determination of construction progress – how much construction work has occurred on site or within the context of the project to date?
  • Cost control – is the project on budget?
  • Schedule control – was or will the project be completed on schedule?
  • Quality control – are there any issues with the quality of the construction work carried out?

Construction management

Construction management consists in the organisation and management of the construction site. Although it generally begins with the writing of calls for tender and the awarding of contracts for construction work to contractors, the main area of focus is the on-site supervision of construction work – from the cutting of the first sod to the payment of the final invoice.

  • Coordination of interfaces between planning processes and calls for tender
  • Drafting of service specifications and handling of call for tender processes (HOAI Phase 6), with special emphasis on the anchoring of sustainability objectives in calls for tender
  • Coordination and provision of specialist support within the context of contract management and awarding (HOAI Phase 7)
  • Supervision of construction work, including checking invoices and requests for additional remuneration (HOAI Phase 8)
  • Quality management and snag management (using the latest technology)
  • Management of commissioning processes
  • Management of special client requests
  • Collation and handover of documentation of the construction process

Where required, we are able to assume responsibility for the entire planning process (HOAI phases 1-9) in cooperation with external partners. This option also extends to the conceptualisation and realisation of modular buildings.


Our consulting services focus on the assessment of and provision of guidance on real estate assets.

In the case of technical due diligence (TDD), we examine built facilities in terms of their structural fabric and any damage or defects in evidence.

Valuations, on the other hand, appraise the value that would be fetched by a property on the market.

Our clients entrust us with the assessment of assets ranging from individual buildings to real estate portfolios and existing properties to development projects.

Want to make the right statement every time? Put your faith in our reports and valuations!

We facilitate growth in the value of your assets. As buildings hold no mysteries to us, we are qualified to tell you which steps you need to take in order to maintain or increase the value of your real estate portfolio.

Technical reports

We compile detailed reports to tight schedules and according to your exact requirements. We not only take all commercial, technical and legal factors into account, but also deliver clear analysis of any action required. Our technical consultants assess structural fabric, residual contamination, hazardous materials, planning law, usage structure, spatial flexibility, the quality of built facilities and fit-out, structural deficiencies, building services, fire protection and other safety-critical systems. Our services also include the identification and analysis of structural damage, deferred maintenance and commercial depreciation. Where required, we also compile maintenance, modernization and renovation concepts and supervise the implementation thereof. Our expertise in the field of technical reports covers the following areas:

  • Technical due diligence (TDD)
  • Structural damage reports
  • Analysis of problematic construction processes
  • Definition of measures required, maintenance concepts


Our valuations are drawn up in line with all relevant domestic and international valuation standards, and naturally founded on our comprehensive understanding of real estate markets and related property development trends. Whether the asset is an individual building or an entire portfolio, whether the land is developed or undeveloped: We deliver market and mortgage-lending valuations that are tailored to your exact specifications.

  • Valuation of developed and undeveloped land
  • Documentation of the market value and/or mortgage-lending value of real estate assets
  • Determination of the residual value of development projects
  • Assessment of the plausibility of third-party reports and valuations
We are collaborative partners of the Dresden-based FBNB Research and Consultancy Institute. (

Sustainability management

Our sustainability consulting for existing buildings and new-builds examines specific areas of focus selected by the developer and/or user. We are here to help you assess the sustainability of your real estate assets – a key step in maximising their performance today, tomorrow and beyond.

We show our clients how the implementation of targeted measures during building construction or refurbishment can be used to reduce energy consumption, prioritise the use of sustainable products and prepare your real estate assets for a sustainable future.

  • Energy audits – analysis of the compliance of existing building services with contemporary energy efficiency requirements
  • Energy consulting – documentation of the status quo
  • Definition of a catalogue of cost-effective energy-related upgrades and the implementation thereof
  • Subsidy management
  • Verification of conformity with ESG criteria set out in the EU Taxonomy
  • Coordination of certification processes (DGNB, BNB, NaWoh, LEED, BREEAM)